My Biography

Small biography about the man behind this project. My name is Muhammed Hadzic. Was born in Jordan. Lived there for about 8 years and came back to Bosnia. Lived in few different countries all around the world. Got experience with different people of different cultures. Came back to Bosnia 2017 and started my own small projects with kids. I started with 10 kids and now I have a group of more than 100 kids and teens. Worked with kids and teens around 4 years. From small projects to big projects where in one project I managed to gather more than 100 kids in 1 place. Of course with help of volunteers. My ambition is to make one super big project. My wish is to have big field of land and start building complex of different games and activities for our projects with kids which would be active through out the whole year. Not just that, my plan is to make this project self sustained project which in 5 to 10 years will not rely on donations anymore but a project that can bring money from different work from the same project. Would love to make this as my primary job and my hoby, my passion at the same time. I believe I can make much more with me focusing all my energy on this project. Since now I work as technology promoter and thay job takes a lot of my time. I would love also to have some workers with me. People adults who would I employ with me. Who would also give 100% from their time and focus on this projecy fully. This big project now will depend on donations and I hope that we can make it live. Contact me if you want to be one of the partners or donators of this project. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a beautiful country with active and energetic kids, we need this kind of project in our city. We need to work with our kids. We need to open their wing and let them fly with their energy, with their creativity.